What I Learned at OggCamp 2019

This was my third OggCamp, and I was able to make a full weekend visit to Manchester. Most of my best learning at OggCamps tends to be around what happens outside the scheduled stuff, so it was good to have the time to mingle in the evenings and discuss things over beer. Although I already… Continue reading What I Learned at OggCamp 2019

Liverpool Makefest

I took the boat from the Isle of Man to Liverpool for the day, to visit Makefest in Liverpool. This was a great day out, and I saw loads of good things. The highlights were: Having my portrait drawn from a webcam by a DIY plotter made from DVD drives An impromptu meeting with lots… Continue reading Liverpool Makefest

Leaving Twitter

When I joined Twitter in 2009, it was a place to find interesting people sharing interesting ideas and learning from one another. ¬†You could ask questions on very technical topics, and people would take the time to reply in detailed and thoughtful ways. Over time, more and more people joined and the conversations grew. Twitter… Continue reading Leaving Twitter

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Reconnecting with Nature

During a recent holiday in England, I spent a few days in a location without any links to the internet at all. No mobile phone signal, no WiFi hotspots. Nothing. It was interesting to see the impact this had. There were countless times when I wanted to check something on a map. Or the opening… Continue reading Reconnecting with Nature

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